NCG Cinemas

Categorized in: January 2, 2015 3:16 pm By BNoles

Over our extended relationship with NCG Cinemas, we have developed templates for their design team and a list of materials that are now regularly used to facilitate their frequent orders with us. Most of their projects are large format, including backlit advertisement posters, retractable banner stands, and hardware-free indoor banners. In the Small Format Color Department, we regularly print cinema gift certificates on specialty security stock. Also, in the past, we have collaborated with NCG Cinemas to develop a custom movie pass with printed barcodes, functioning in accordance with their POS system. Conducting site surveys in the early stages of our partnership helped their team determine the best areas of the theatre in which to display certain content and products. With NCG’s advertisement opportunities, we have had the added pleasure of printing projects for other clients who place ads such as posters (Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza), magnetic yard signs (Culver’s), and specialty ads like the Preuss Pets aquarium installation (designed by Traction).