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When you need business documents and marketing materials produced EASIER, FASTER, and BETTER turn to Capital Imaging.

We’re a leading multi-discipline, Visual Communications Company with considerable experience and expertise.

Expect us to get to know you, your department, and your company. We’ll be accessible, listen intently to your needs, and ask questions. We want to know what’s important to you and what you expect from us.

We’ll review all parts of your projects and make sure that everything is understood and in order every step of the way.

Our experienced production staff along with our advanced, on-demand document printing facility, and best-in-class equipment will get you the results you need.

Join the other incredible companies and organizations that trust Capital Imaging with their Document Printing and Visual Communications needs.

Our Story

Family and veteran owned, Capital Imaging began its operations in 1995 as a small copy shop in Michigan’s capital city with a single goal in mind: to understand what the business community needs were and fulfill that need. We quickly learned they wanted to establish a relationship with a single, dynamic printing company that does a broad array of print services and understands the fast pace of the business world. We set out to become that company. The business community quickly embraced our concept and we soon became the leading multi-discipline, Visual Communications Company they were seeking. With our team of skilled and highly experienced staff and best-in-class equipment, there’s essentially nothing we can’t do in servicing our client’s design, print, and graphics needs. We have worked with some incredible companies and organizations and look forward to working with you too. You’ll be impressed with our professionalism, high level of expertise, prompt response times, and friendliness on your projects.

Our Story

Our clients are tapped into an international network of independent print service providers when they do business with us. As a ReproMAX Partner, Capital Imaging offers pooled knowledge and resources among 284+ print provider locations across the globe. Leveraging this powerful network, we stay current in the field and continually deliver high quality services.

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The #1 reward to what we do is the success and satisfaction of our clients. The awards we receive along the way are just some pretty sweet icing on the cake. Standing behind the quality of our services, it’s nice to know that others do too.

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