New York State of Mind

Categorized in: May 8, 2014 12:10 am By prime

As this busy week is flying by, I’m taking a moment today to reflect and catch you all up to speed on last week’s happenings, since that’s what Thursdays are for, right? So let’s #throwback …

If you don’t already know, Capital Imaging is part of an international network of trusted printers called ReproMAX, with our very own Co-Founder, President, and CEO, Bo Noles, serving as one of the nine board members this year. ReproMAX allows us to share valuable resources across the globe to better serve our customers. Every year we look forward to a spring and fall executive conference where these incredible friends of ours gather in one spot to learn, grow, and share many, many laughs.

The ReproMAX 2014 Spring Executive Conference was in full swing last week and the chosen location was none other than New York! We were thrilled to travel to the big city and fortunate enough to have four of our team members participate: Bo Noles; Nia Noles, Co-Founder, President, and Director of Benefits Administration; Nicolas Noles, Vice President of Operations; and myself, Mary McElgunn, Creative Director.

So, what’d we do?

Well, like any business trip, the day-to-day flow of projects at the office didn’t stop just because we were gone. So, we got to know our way around the hotel conference rooms, work centers, and let’s face it, the hotel restaurant bar…

But in all seriousness, the presentations and discussions at the conference were insightful.

Two days filled with learning opportunities, a tour of R.S. Knapp/Napco in New Jersey, a tour of NRI in Manhattan, and lots of ideas on how we can better serve YOU.

Earlier this year, I was asked by Bo and the rest of the board of directors to participate on the panel for social media discussion. Along with Joe Cushing of Cushing Company in Chicago and Brett Michaelson of NRI in New York, we presented on the importance of social media for business, with Bo leading our introduction and Q&A discussion. We believe in the power of social media at Capital Imaging, so it was exciting to share this with others and create a lot of buzz on the topic. Bo was also part of another panel discussion in our Friday morning session, which turned out to be another buzz-worthy topic amongst our partners — all top-secret info, of course ;)

While the trip was mostly work, we still fit in a little play in the evening. Here is a compilation of things we all learned and/or LOVED while in New York (and New Jersey):

  1. Seeing photos is one thing, but being “in the middle” of the architecture of the city is indescribable.
  2. A few days was entirely insufficient to see…must visit again and again.
  3. Knew the food would be good, but, “OhMyGOSH!!!”
  4. The conference was a great 2 for 1 deal: one conference but experiencing both New Jersey and New York; and two tours of very different companies in one industry.
  5. Beautiful, very clean, and well-organized city — blowing our pre-conceived notions of New York out of the water.
  6. When you’re passionate about a topic, the best thing you can do is pass that passion along to others. Then, see the momentum it creates! Truly magical.
  7. Don’t wear heels, no matter how “low”, to walk around in the city (I’m guilty of this very important lesson)
  8. Honking at other cars in traffic doesn’t really accomplish anything.
  9. Incredibly friendly people.
  10. 3D printing is FUN to watch. We had 3D bobbleheads made of our faces at NRI…waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Stay tuned for a picture.

We’re already looking forward to the ReproMAX 2014 Fall Conference, which will be in another vibrant city…Las Vegas! But until then, we’ll be in a New York state of mind, continuing the momentum and putting into practice what we learned there.