Binding & Finishing

Just as important as the creative, writing, design, and printing of a print project is the finishing and binding—it’s the department that pulls it all together. Whether we’re producing your sales and marketing materials, proposals, presentations, or any other document, we understand a polished, professionally finished product cannot be overstated.

Capital Imaging offers a full line of finishing and bindery services from custom cutting to collating, tabbing to kitting, our finishing and binding department offer solutions that are executed with precision.

For over 20 years, the Capital Imaging brand has been a leader in producing products that help businesses present, protect, secure, organize and enhance their printed materials. Capital Imaging’s professional binding and finishing services help professionals finish documents quickly and easily with style and customization.

Binding Options

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is a widely popular soft-cover book binding method because of its professional appearance. Perfect binding is commonly used for books, annual and corporate reports, manuals, catalogs and thicker product brochures.

The primary benefits of Perfect Bound books are that they have a very high visual appeal and professional appearance.

They’re economical to produce, can accommodate hundreds of pages up to one and a half inches thick, and they stack and display extremely well. Also, in most cases, the square spinal edge formed by the perfect binding method allows for the book’s title or other information to be printed on the spine.

Add UV coating to the cover for a high gloss.

Tape Binding

An alternative to the traditional wrap around cover of perfect binding is Tape Binding. Tape Binding is an affordable way to perfect bind books using book tape on the spine when the books covers are the same size as the text pages. These books do not use the traditional wrap-around covers, and don’t allow for printing on the spine but are still perfect-bound.

Coil Binding

Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a commonly used book binding style and can be used across multiple document types. Documents bound with coil bindings can open flat on a desk or table and offer 360 degree rotation for easy note taking. This binding style is durable and is often used for documents that gets heavy use. The coils are available in many colors.

Twin Loop Binding

Also known as twin-loop, double wire, duo-wire, or wire-o binding wires. Twin Loop Wire Binding is a great way to secure and finish your documents with fashion. It’s ideal for presentations, reports and any other document that needs a more sophisticated appearance. Polished and professional, you’ll be proud of the impressive finish twin loop wire binding gives your document. The twin loops are available in many colors.

Comb Binding

Comb binding – sometimes referred to as cerlox or surelox binding, plastic comb, or spiral binding is one of many ways to bind pages together into a book or manual. Comb Binding is a sleek way to finish your documents and offers an attractive, high-quality option for many document types such as business plans, corporate minutes, financial statements, user guides, white papers, research papers, and instruction manuals.

With this bind, the book lies flat but cannot be opened 360 degrees. For a book that can be opened such that the covers touch, a spine that does not have an obstructive body, such as a coil binding, is a better option.

3-Ring Binders

3-Ring Binding provides flexibility and a professional look to impress your audience. Available in various ring sizes, styles, and colors, and storing anywhere from a few sheets to more than 1000. 3-Ring Binders also allow for inserting covers and separating pages with tabs. 3-ring binders are great for training manuals, workshops and presentations where users might need to add more materials on their own. Need to be able to add or take pages in and out of your document? A 3-ring binder may be exactly what you need.

Send us your 3-ring binders and your document files and we’ll print the text pages, tabs, and covers and take care of assembling and kitting the documents for you.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle Stitch Binding, sometimes called booklet making, is a great finishing option for your documents. In addition, Saddle-Stitched binding is among the easiest and most common methods to finish booklets. The Saddle Stitch method is most effective for binding booklets and publications with 64 pages or less. Books and other documents that are commonly Saddle Stitched include programs, wall calendars, booklets, newsletters, pamphlets, direct mailers, comic books, thinner magazines and catalogs.

Why is it called Saddle Stitching? Well, actually, we’re just stapling sheets of paper together but in the printing industry we call that Stitching. However, to staple or stitch the sheets together, we collate the sheets over a Saddle-like device during the stapling/stitching process, hence the name Saddle Stitching.

Staple Binding

Keep it clean, simple and cost effective with stapled binding. Quality stapling is a strong and cost-efficient solution for large quantities of documents such as reports, newsletters, or handouts that don’t need full-spine binding.  Documents are typically stapled in the upper left corner or two or three times along the left edge of the document.

Acco Steel Prong Fasteners

Keep documents and file folders secured and tidy with Acco economy steel prong fasteners. Whether you’re working with thick sheets of construction paper, standard printer paper or delicate handmade pages, these durable, smooth fasteners can handle a wide range of paper types. The lightweight metal sports a tin finish that gives your fastened documents a professional look, and the edges are coined for safety.

These base fasteners are for use with a compressor that fits neatly over the base to hold loose papers and folders. The fasteners bind your documents without the use of staples, allowing you to keep your papers free of small punctures or tears.

Hard Cover Book Binding

The covers on our hard cover books are made with binder’s board that is covered with either a printed cover wrap, cloth, faux (imitation) leather material, or a dust jacket.

With this binding method, the text pages are glued together at the spine to create a “text block.” End leaves that hold the text block to the inside of the cover casing are applied to the binding edge of the text block. The cover is created separately and then glued to the end leaves and text block, creating a book that will last for years. Great for trade books, recipe books, photo books, business books, coffee table books, and many other types.

Finishing Options

Lamination and Encapsulation

Lamination and Encapsulation are two different ways of applying lamination to a document, poster, or graphic.

When an item is completely encased (both sides) in lamination such that the lamination goes off the edge and forms a seal the document has been encapsulated and is water tight. If the item is laminated on one side or both and the lamination is flush with the edge of the document it is laminated. Lamination is not water tight because moisture can get into the paper through the unsealed edges.

From laminates to specialty adhesives and coatings, Capital Imaging carries a line of laminating supplies that leads the industry in quality, performance, and innovation.

• Dry- Erase

• Scratch and scuff resistant

• Gloss

• Non-gloss

Hole Punching or Drilling

Simply, the drilling of two or three holes along the edge of a document so that the pages may be inserted into a three-ring binder or bound with ACCO clips. Drilling or punching holes can be done on any document for a variety of reasons and uses.

Digital Die Cutting and Routing

Custom cutting to any shape and size. Set your marketing collateral a ‘Cut’ above the rest with custom cutting to any shape and size. Our digital die cutter adds a custom touch to services such as Packaging, Point of Purchase, Signage and Trade Show Displays. Great for corrugated displays too!

Our custom digital router provides routing and cutting technology to your one-of-a-kind rigid substrates for signage, cardboard packaging or display projects.


Our computerized digital paper cutter uses high-pressure hydraulic clamps to hold the paper in place while a razor-sharp steel blade makes precise cuts.


We have you covered with all the folding options. Half, Letter, Z-Fold, Accordion, Barrel, Gate, and Parallel folds. Our precision folds are sharp giving the finished piece a professional touch.


Whether you choose Foamcor, Gator Board, Sentra, or Mat board, your images, prints, signs, and posters will look their best when professionally mounted at Capital Imaging. We offer professionally mounted prints in a variety of sizes up to 4 x 8 feet.


Perfectly bound note pads, NCR forms, and order forms. Custom pads can be ordered on your choice of paper at any size and any number of sheets.

Tabs and Dividers

Tabs are essentials that help you organize and navigate multiple documents in a single container. We offer a great solution and the fastest way to create impressive tabs and dividers for presentation binders. Tabs and Dividers are available in punched, plain, clear plastic and two-sided color plastic. Plain tabs are available in 3, 4, 5, and 8 bank and plastic tabs are available in 5 bank. Ask us about single-sided or two-sided, full color, custom printed tabs.

Rounded Corners

When you need one, two, three, or four corners of a printed sheet or card rounded, just ask. Rounded corners reduce the wear and tear of page corners and give your job a professional touch. Rounded corners look great on business cards, brochures, booklets or catalogs!

UV Coating

With our environmentally friendly and instant drying time process, our High Gloss UV coating will make your printed piece instantly noticed and is perfect for products such as postcards, hand-outs, presentation folders, business cards, catalogs or any product that will benefit from a dramatic, rich and glossy appearance.

Additional benefits are enhanced abrasion resistance as well as higher visual clarity.

Shrink wrapping

Capital Imaging provides shrink wrapping services adding a professional touch to finished documents and art work.

Shrink wrapping provides a tight protective seal, perfect for some kinds of artwork and documents. Shrink wrapping can protect a work of art, while allowing the customer to view and handle it.