Lake Trust Credit Union

Categorized in: November 15, 2014 3:30 pm By prime

Earning the trust of the marketing department at Lake Trust Credit Union through our printing and customer service, we have produced a multitude of both small and large format projects for them. Some of these frequent projects include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, standees, and various marketing materials. A few of our office favorites: unique 3D tabletop marketing displays, a dynamic Coroplast standee of their mascot Ollie the Owl, and an attention-grabbing food drive display. These projects take creative advantage of our printing, scoring, and shape-cutting services to produce some truly unique solutions to the Lake Trust brand. To accommodate all of the branch locations, we offer our distribution services to package and ship out each branch’s materials separately, streamlining their marketing efforts and letting them focus on their next project.